May the Fourth Be With You

Since hurtling headfirst into the Star Wars fandom back in 2015, I’ve celebrated May the Fourth in increasingly ridiculous ways each year.


My first year, May 4th also coincided with a launch party I had a hand in planning at my job, so I coopted a small section of the party and created the Mos Eisley Cantina, complete with my little Sphere BB-8 and a Photo Booth with masks:

The following year, with no parties in sight, I celebrated May the Fourth by surprising my coworkers with a pop-up Tosche Snack Station, complete with Princess Leia buns and Sarlacc Pit Dip.

That night, I attended a Paint & Sip party with my friend Jenny, where we got tipsy, created lightsaber paintings under the guidance of a guy dressed like Han Solo, and generally had too much fun.

This year, I was SUPER stoked: I had just started a new job at an incredible place, and wanted to treat all of my new coworkers with a full on feast… and they LOVED it.


Before I could even get it all set up, people were calling friends from other departments to come and see the “party” I had created.


I took a risk in showing my “true” self to these folks and they ate it up – literally and figuratively. Really, there was like no food left by 10:30am.


In fact, I made such an impression that HR saw fit to include a recap of the party on the office-wide TV screens for more than a week after the fact:


After the office party, I had my heart set on another Paint & Sip event after having such a great experience the year before. Unfortunately, the only one near by was about an hour away, and I don’t know about you but paying $40 for a Paint & Sip night and only painting and not sipping because I have to drive is kind of lame.


But the picture was sooooo pretty!!!

Luckily, I have VERY talented friends, and after I lamented not getting to paint this gorgeous thing, my friend (who happens to live across the street from me) invited me over for our own local Paint & Sip and we did a pretty stinking good job if I do say so myself:

After three years of celebrating, I’m already looking forward to next year – how about you?

Do you celebrate May the Fourth? Do you have any party planning tips? Share in the comments!

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