Star Wars: Episode IX Cast Announced

YOU GUYS: has just announced the cast for Episode IX and HOLY CRAAAAP is it exciting!!

First of all:


I heard the rumors earlier this summer and kind of brushed them off – if this was going to happen, I needed to hear it from the official source. So I convinced myself that it wasn’t really happening… and then they released the news and IT IS HAPPENING!

In addition to this bombshell, the announcement includes news about new characters, including Naomi Ackie and Richard E. Grant – both actors I’ve heard of and whose work I enjoy (Lady Macbeth and Dracula? YES PLEASE), but I’m excited to see who they end up playing. Possibly a rising Resistance newcomer and a First Order usurper?

Another big tidbit: Mark Hamill will be back! Whether that’s as a Force Ghost or in flashbacks remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: I am STOKED.

But most importantly: Carrie will continue her role as Leia!

This is the news that truly brought me to [minor] tears. Knowing that Carrie passed away before Leia’s arc could come to a satisfying conclusion (on film), I – just like every other Star Wars fan – worried that Abrams would have to resort to hokey CG, or worse, another actress, to bring Leia back to the screen for her final chapter. But JJ’s statement in the announcement has me hopeful that about their choice to use unused footage to create Carrie’s final performance was the right one. I am already choked up thinking about it.

Also, I’m calling it: they’re bringing Lando back so he can teach Ben Solo how to correctly treat a space lady. That’s my head canon and you can’t tell me otherwise.

What are you most excited for with this news? Share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Episode IX Cast Announced

    • ALSO awesome news!! It’s so much to process, I’m still reeling trying to figure out who these new characters will be! I’m not emotionally prepared though. Kind of grateful for the 17 months we have before the release! 😂


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